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Thank you for choosing our service/services. Paubuk Studios Limited, located at 5 Fairview Road, Dudley DY1 2RT, United Kingdom, provides the services. By using our service/services, you agree to our terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before going ahead with your booking.


The person(s) whose signature(s) appear on this contract, known as “Client”, agree that Paubuk Studios Limited, known as “Paubuk Multimedia”, shall provide Videography services of their wedding and related events to the best of our abilities, in the manner described in this document. This is a binding contract, which incorporates the parties’ entire understanding, and any modifications must be in writing, signed by both parties, and physically attached to the original Agreement.

Retainer and Payment


  1. Three Instalment (Applicable to Wedding Ceremonies Only): First (1) payment is required to secure the date(s), the second payment is required three (3) months before the scheduled ceremony date(s), and balance will be needed maximum of one (1) month before scheduled ceremony date(s).
  2. A Fifty percent (50%) deposit payment to secure the date and balance will be required a maximum of one (1) month before the scheduled project/ceremony date(s).
  3. Full Payment

Please Note:

  • Deposit invoice is due on receipt to secure your project/ceremony date, and this means that the date is free to another enquiry based on first-come, first-serve.
  • As explained above, Paubuk Multimedia will not be present on the ceremony date(s) and will only refund 50% of the deposit payment in the absence of full payment.

Security​​ Deposits​​ and​​ Cancellation ​​Policy

All cancellation and amendments must be confirmed to Paubuk Multimedia via email within thirty (30) days before the Client’s project/ceremony commencement date.

  • Early Cancellation: In the event of early cancellation, Paubuk Multimedia will only refund 50% of the paid deposit.
  • Late Cancellation: In the event of late cancellation, the Client will forfeit deposit payment(s).

Postponement Policy

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event of postponement, there won’t be any charges or reduction based on:

1. If the Client or Representative informs Paubuk Multimedia of the new changes/postponement date within a month to the Client’s initial event/project date.

2. Due to Covid-19-related closures or restrictions. Date(s) amendments must be communicated via an email message, and Paubuk Multimedia will endeavour to secure the next calendar’s proposed date. Paubuk Multimedia have the capacity of accommodating double bookings.


If Paubuk Multimedia unable to perform any or all of the duties herein for any reason, including but not limited to fire, transportation problems, acts of God, accident, illness, or technical issues, and if Paubuk Multimedia cannot provide another qualified professional, all money received, minus expenses, will be returned to Client, and Paubuk Multimedia shall have no further liability concerning this Agreement. This limitation of liability also applies to any loss/damage of footages or failure to deliver projects for any reason. The sole remedy for any actions or claims shall be limited to a refund whose total amount cannot exceed the total monies paid by Client under this Agreement during the time preceding the date on which such liability arises.

Project/Ceremony Day Responsibilities

  • Finish time will be base on the agreed time frame, or as it is stated in the Client’s chosen package, any extra hour will incur an hourly rate of £50.00
  • Unless agreed upon in advance, Paubuk Multimedia shall be the exclusive Videographer vendor retained for the event. Other Videographers and semi-professional photographers must not obstruct or interfere with the official Videographer and are not allowed to take any still photos during formal sessions. Wedding guests may take photos/videos, but it is the responsibility of the Client to prevent family and friends from interfering with Paubuk Multimedia’s duties.
  • Paubuk Multimedia Videographers are not responsible for compromised coverage due to causes beyond their control. Such as other people’s camera or flash, the lateness of the bride, groom, family members, and bridal party members or other principles, weather conditions, schedule complications, rendering of decorations, or restrictions of the venues or officiate.
  • The Client agrees to confirm the schedule two weeks before the event and send Paubuk Multimedia a copy of the invitation, organiser or wedding planner’s contact details.
  • Notification of any changes in schedule or location must be made promptly. Changes can be made by phone with a follow-up email for documentation.
  • Paubuk Multimedia promises to produce a quality film and ensure all our equipment is of the highest quality and regularly maintained. We use several backup methods for sound and vision. However, Paubuk Multimedia cannot be held responsible for any issues such as lighting, sound or interference caused by circumstances outside our control, including equipment failure, low DJ sound mixing/microphone failure, noise issues, and restrictions imposed by venues.

Live Streaming

Paubuk Multimedia uses the fastest broadband internet connection that can be found in the market to stream your event in the highest quality successfully. However, there may sometime be an internet network fluctuation or limited signal due to low internet signals. The common factor is the location or venue network strength or restrictions, which is totally outside our control.

Car Park Permit/Ticket

All our packages come with transportation costs to the venue. However, clients are responsible for providing parking arrangements (parking permits/tickets) if applicable to the venue(s), such as morning preparation location, church or ceremony location and reception Hall.


Background Song: You can request any choice of background music for your project/ceremony final edit. Paubuk Multimedia will advise you if there are any particular issues with your choice in terms of the music’s tempo or quality. In the absence of a request, we will choose an appropriate theme.

Paubuk Multimedia will be responsible for choosing appropriate background music that flows for our social media video highlights.

Project delivery: You must notify us via email or phone within fourteen days (14) of receipt of the final DVD/Blu-Ray/USB/MP4 of any faults with the package or playback issues. We will make every reasonable attempt to resolve the problems. Should we not hear from you within fourteen days (14), we will assume you are satisfied with the package.

Turnaround Date

  • Wedding Ceremonies: It takes a maximum of twelve (12) weeks after production for the turnaround. However, the turnaround date can be less than the 12 weeks given date, which is totally up to Paubuk Multimedia discretions. Paubuk Multimedia will not acknowledge any demand for the final project before the given twelve (12) weeks date.
  • Birthday & Other Parties: It takes a maximum of six (6) weeks after production for the turnaround. However, the turnaround date can be less than six weeks, totally up to Paubuk Multimedia discretions. Paubuk Multimedia will not acknowledge any demand for the final project before the given six (6) weeks date.
  • Other Projects: It takes a maximum of four (4) weeks after production for the turnaround. Paubuk Multimedia will not acknowledge any demand for the final project before the given four (4) weeks date.


There are charges in place for DVD duplication.

Content Usage Release

This contract serves as a release, giving Paubuk Multimedia the right to use pictures, samples or highlight of Client’s ceremony on Paubuk Multimedia website gallery and social network platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and much more. Only for marketing and promotion purposes, except written permission is granted by the Client to release to a third party.

I have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The Client signing below shall be fully responsible for ensuring that full payment is made to this Agreement’s terms.

 Updated on the 11th of March 2021

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    The Client signing this contract shall be fully responsible for ensuring that full payment is made to the terms of this Agreement.

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